Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Video Leaks; Gamepad Featured As Well

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone is already one of the most anticipated Android handset of 2011. Many pictures of the device have already leaked on the Internet, until now no pic or video displayed the Gamepad of the device. Now, a new video of the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone dubbed as ZEUS has emerged on the Internet. The video gives a brief walkthrough of the phone’s UI – which looks like Android 2.3 – and the gamepad of the handset.

Here is the video I am talking about :

Sony PlayStation Phone ZEUS Leaked Video

From the video, it is clearly evident that the phone is thick…very thick. The thickness of the phone might turn off quite a few people from buying this phone. From the video, the screen size of the phone is around 3.7-inches.


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