Sony Ericsson Live View Gets A Software Update

Sony Ericsson has released a firmware update for its Live View micro display accessory. The Sony Ericsson Live View has a small 1.3-inch OLED display which connects to your Android powered phone via Bluetooth.

The small OLED display will display all the relevant information from your phone including music player controls, social networking site updates, caller ID etc. Sony Ericsson also released the API of the Live View to developers. This allowed developers to create some nifty plugins for the Live View.


However, at the time of its launch the Live View was plagued with stability and performance issues as well as Bluetooth connectivity issues with other Android based handsets.

Today, Sony Ericsson has released a software update for the Live View which improves the performance and stability of the device. The update also improves the compatibility of the device with other Android 2.2 based handsets.

Here is the official change-log of the update from Sony Ericsson Product Blog :

  • Improved stability in the phone application (latest update available on Android Market as of minutes ago)
  • Improved plug-in handling and limit of number of installed plug-ins raised to 30.
  • Connection stability improved most identified reasons for random disconnects should be fixed now.
  • There were some cases of random reboots reported, and all those reported crashes have now been resolved.
  • Compatibility with competitor phones is greatly improved, both in regards to stability and to battery life time.
  • Automatic reconnect when coming back in range improved.

Nevertheless, some stability and connectivity issues still exist which can be fixed by rebooting the Live View. The Live View from Sony Ericsson is the perfect example of a great idea which was executed in the wrong manner. The device should have been priced a bit lower and with better compatibility with other Android running handsets.

Live View owners can update the device by using Sony Ericsson’s Update Service software.

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