Sony Ericsson ‘Idou’ 12MP Phone Officially Changed To ‘Satio’


Just a few days back i reported the IDOU like Phone, Kokura, to be launched by Sony Ericsson, which almost looks like IDOU. And now there’s a news that Sony Ericsson is officially changing IDOU’s name to Satio.

Its the first phone to sport 12 Mega Pixel camera. And its other features are:

  • Xenon flash with 16x digital zoom and geo-tagging capabilities.
  • 3.5-inch touch screen (640×320) which will allow will allow accurate framing of your subjects. This is a kickass reply to Apple’s IPhone.
  • Symbian OS
  • WiFi, GPS
  • media player
  • 3 finishes: black, silver, and Bordeaux.
  • The awesome 12 Mega Pixel camera measuring 9.7×14.5-inches to be precise.
  • Thankfully a MicroSD support. That means we will get to store more photos. As it has 12 Mega Pixel camera, the photos are going to be exceptionally large.

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Apurva Chaudhary

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