Sony Ericsson Declines to Comment on Android 2.2 (Froyo) Upgrade

Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-X10-Android-Update Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 hit the shelves last month and the X10 Mini will become available in most parts of the world over the next few days. The Xperia X10 product line is a commendable effort from Sony Ericsson. This is all the more impressive since the Xperia X10s are SE’s first Android handsets.

In many ways, Xperia X10’s biggest advantage is the UX platform – a custom Android shell with dazzling features like Timescape and Mediascape. However, it is also turning out to be Xperia’s biggest drawback. The heavily modded user interface (UI) means that Sony Ericsson is having a much harder time keeping up with Android’s feverish release cycle.

It has already been confirmed that Sony Ericsson will be updating its Xperia X10 product line to Android 2.1 this fall (Q4 2010). However, this is clearly not enough to appease the hundreds of thousands of Xperia owners around the world. Earlier this month, Google delivered Android 2.2 (Froyo), and Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) is scheduled to be released this fall. This would leave Sony Ericsson hopelessly behind.

Xperia owners and fans have been petitioning for a well-defined upgrade path. However, for the moment, Sony Ericsson seems content to keep mum. Mattias Holm, product public relations manager at Sony Ericsson, confirmed to PC World that Sony Ericsson will be implementing later versions of Android in its products. However, at this stage it is premature to disclose information about individual products.

At first glance, Holm’s statement seems to indicate that Sony Ericsson may not upgrade all of its handsets to Froyo Android versions. However, given that the Xperia X10s are all that Sony Ericsson has managed to release so far, this seems a bit unlikely. It’s equally improbable that Sony Ericsson would leave out the big brother and just upgrade X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. So, there is hope yet for Xperia X10 owners. But, the wait is probably going to be a long one.

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  • Tim

    I would buy a Xperia X10 right now if it had android 2.1 or later. 1.6 will not cut it so i will continue with my BB Bold until sony roll out a desktop manager like Blackberry that will ensure i'm running the latest software.

    If droid is running 2.1, why x10 can't???

    • Brett

      Sony Ericsson are the first company to fully customise Android with its UX interface that runs Timescape and Mediascape. This makes it a very rich user experience but means when updating they need to redesign the UX interface to fit. What the article failed to mention is thats its not just what Google offer in each update but what SE will offer, i.e. HD Video Recording in 720p in Q4 when it updates to 2.1 and some other goodies. Given it already has the best camera on the Android market this truely makes it a media monster and to finish throw in the sexiest music player to date, yes Walkman rules again with iTunes sync and PS3 media server possibilities…

      • We had covered the HD video recording thing in an earlier article (linked in this post).

        HTC also offers a modded UI. I will grant that Sense is not as drastic a modification as UXP. But, still that doesn't provide Sony excuse for not yet confirming if and when they will provide Froyo. They seem destined to be perennially behind. When HTC will be moving on to 2.2 and Nexus One will move on to 3.0, SE will move to 2.1.

  • Any update? anyway, looks like that update path needs updating ehh..

  • saif

    I think it should be good.