Software Review: Tweets60 – twitter client

Recently Gravity twitter app is making noise all over the twitter. No doubt, its one of the best twitter application I have ever seen for a s60 phone. But if those many’ features confuse you and you just need basic features for a twitter client, Tweets60 is for you.

I had tried this application long back but it refused to work for me. Today when I heard, it got an update I thought of trying it again. And boy! It worked!!.

The interface is clean, easy to navigate and allows all basic features like timeline, friends, replies, Direct message, favorites, your profile.


The profile pictures cannot be turned off to save data received.


Favorites: You can just view your favorites. There is no way you can favorite a tweet from tweets60. This is a major drawback, since I am on mobile, I don’t get to visit many links posted and so I mainly favorite it and view it when I am online from PC. clip_image004

Other features:


This is a Okay-ish twitter client I felt. Well after using gravity, I guess, I really won’t like any other twitter client. Moreover, the application is not registered with the twitter Oauth, when I update from the application it appears as updated via web. So there’s no way people to know what twitter client you are using, it will just appear as you are updating from web interface.

Update:Download tweets60 (I forgot to give the link :P )

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