Software Review: Snaptu

After Nokia introduced Nokia widgets for N97(I believe it would continue with its new phones as well), I thought of hunting for applications with similar interest. And voila!!! I found one really interesting application Snaptu.

Snaptu by Moblica is really cool widget platform. The best part is the application is free to download and has open API, meaning developers can create widgets for it. Smart move I tell you. As of now, there are some 17-18 widgets available to download. Most of them on social networking platform and news sites. But the interface is really good looking and easy to navigate.



Configuring the apps again is a piece of cake. Just click on the apps and enter your login credentials and done!! What I liked is most the applications provide you with most of the functionalities of the sites(if social networking).

Like for Facebook:


So you can update your status/comment on others status/check ablums and all.

Other Widgets I tried: twitter/picasa


What I din’t like: The application becomes slow after some 20-30 minutes of usage. I tried this on Nokia E75, might for better with you device.

Snaptu works on most of the high end smart phones available today like Nokia, Sony ericsson, blackberry et cetra. They have also launched it for the touchscreen phones.

Grab your copy of software from or just point your mobile phone browser to it will redirect you to the best option available for your phone.

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