New Snapdragon Quad-Core S4 Pro Chipset Gets Benchmarked, Demolishes the Competition

Earlier in the year, we saw benchmarks where Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon dual-core S4 Pro chipsets comfortably outperformed quad-core mobile chipsets from the likes of NVidia. Now, Qualcomm is ready with its quad-core S4 Pro chips, and as you might expect, it literally demolishes its competitors.

Engadget has managed to get its hands on the Snapdragon APQ8064, which was announced at the Mobile World Congress 2012 held in Barcelona. The new Snapdragon S4 towers above its competitors, almost doubling its score in the CF-Bench CPU benchmark. The Galaxy SIII with its Exynos chipset is the APQ8064’s toughest competitor, but it is also handsomely defeated in all the tests.


S4 Pro MDP (APQ8064) Nexus 7 (Tegra 3) Galaxy S III (Exynos 4412) One X (Tegra 3) Galaxy S III (AT&T, MSM8960) One X (AT&T, MSM8960)
Quadrant 7,698 3,501 4,454 4,906 5,084 4,784
Vellamo 2,538 1,650 1,751 1,617 2,153 2,259
AnTuTu 13,826 8,995 11,960 11,030 6,713 6,956
SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms) 1,227 1,785 1,460 1,773 1,926 1,453
GLBenchmark Egypt Offscreen (fps) 132 63 99 63 54 56
CF-Bench 18,219 11,807 13,110 13,233 9,439 9,479
SunSpider: lower scores are better

The biggest question now is how power efficient is the new quad-core S4 Pro. Thanks to its impressive architecture and fabrication, I suspect that it will be at the very least as power efficient as NVidia’s Tegra 3, but we will have to wait to know for sure. So far none of the manufactures have announced any APQ8064 based devices; however, I would expect the quad-core S4 Pro to begin showing up in tablets and phones by this year’s holiday season. Given that all the big-name manufactures have already announced their flagships for this year, it is more likely that the APQ8064 will first begin appearing in tablets.

(Image via Engadget)

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