Smartphone Platforms: Google Consolidates on Its Lead, RIM and Microsoft Slip Further

Android went from strength to strength in 2011, as Microsoft struggled to play catchup and RIM fumbled, suggests a new report by comScore. At the end of November, Android accounted for 46.9% of smartphones in the US, which is a 3.1% increase from August. Apple’s iOS is the only smartphone OS that is still offering some sort of a fight to Android. It gained 1.4% user share in the past three months to finish with 28.7% user share. Unsurprisingly, the biggest looser was RIM, which slid by 3.1% to 16.6%. Microsoft and Symbian were also amongst the losers.


Samsung was the top device manufacturer with 25.6% market share. LG, Motorola, Apple, and RIM were the other brands featuring in the top five. ComScore surveyed 30,000 phone (smartphones as well as dumbphones) owners in the US for the report.


Although, Samsung was the top handset manufacturer, it registered only 0.3% growth, while LG, Motorola and RIM lost marketshare. Apple was the only mobile phone manufacturer to register significant growth with a gain of 1.4%.

Based on its current growth trajectory, Android should manage to conquer more than half of the smartphone market pretty soon. However, it’s worth noting that Android’s growth isn’t coming at the cost of its biggest competitor – the iOS. iPhones are still selling like hotcakes, as Apple continues to be one of the few OEMs registering growth in the smartphone segment.

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