Skype Bringing Video Calling To iPhone 4; Android As Well?

Skype is a very popular VOIP application for many OS’s including mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. It also supports video conferencing on Windows and Mac. Skype had earlier announced that they will be making some huge video calls related announcement at the upcoming CES.

Now, it looks like the company is all set to bring video conferencing to handhelds as well.


Engadget managed to get hold of a Skype help document which tells the users how to make video calls on their iPhone with the Skype application.   It is unclear whether the company intends to bring video calling only to the iOS platform or will also include other major mobile operating systems like Android and Symbian.

If Skype does announce video calling for all the major mobile platforms at the upcoming CES 2011, I expect them to dominate the video calling market.

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