Skyfire 1.0 web browser released

Skyfire, announced the release of its web browser 1.0. Skyfire just like OperaMini operates Via Proxy server compressing the data and delivering faster. Skyfire now fully supports multimedia unlike OperaMini. Meaning you can browse any website just like your desktop browser as it supports Silverlight, Flash 10, RealMedia, AJAX, javascript Quicktime etc.

Since it supports AJAX, sites like facebook, Gmail etc are fully loaded on the browser giving desktop like experience. If the page gets updated it reflects the change.

skyfire1 skyfire10s603

Skyfire now claims a faster start time and I tested, that it does. Plus the front page is fully customizable according to users need, which i liked the most.

The most astonishing feature i found was when the app runs in background it just disconnects and connects back once you reload the app. This helps save the battery. The browser on my phone runs 24hrs a day. Trust me this is going to be very useful for net-addicts like me.

The Browser is available on Windows Mobile and Symbian based smartphone devices made by HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and more. The company has also announced that it is planning to offer Skyfire on the BlackBerry platform next.

You can get your copy of skyfire from

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