Silencify Brings Do Not Disturb Like Functionality To Android Devices

One of the key new features that Apple introduced in iOS6 is ‘Do Not Disturb’. The feature allows iPhone users to silence notifications for a certain specified time of the day including notifications from apps.

By default, stock Android does not have any feature like Do Not Disturb built in. Samsung and Motorola are the only OEMs that include a Do No Disturb like functionality on their devices. Even then, the implementation from these OEMs don’t take the full advantage of Android’s open-ness and leave a lot to be desired.

A new app in the Play Store – Silencify – aims to bring a much superior Do Not Disturb like functionality to Android devices. Along with the ability to silent your phone, the app can also switch off auto syncing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when a specified schedule is triggered to save battery life.

Below is a list of features of the app -:

1. Silence / Quiet phone according to set schedule.
2. Silence phone for a particular meeting.
3. Turn off Sync when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
4. Turn off Bluetooth when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
5. Turn off Wi-Fi when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
6. Switch in preferences for “Master Silence”.
7. Switch in preferences to immediately silence device.
8. “Always Accept” list of contacts/phone numbers to ring the phone even when its in silence.
9.”Always Reject” list of contacts/phone numbers to always silence the phone from those numbers.
10. Backup of application data.

The biggest advantage of Silencify over Do Not Disturb and other such implementation is that it can switch to silent mode depending on a user’s location. The app also reads your calendar entries and can switch to silent mode based on certain keywords.

Silencefy can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. The developer is working on adding more features to the app including Driving mode, a widget to quickly silence your phone and more.

P.S. – The developer seems to be confused about the name of his app. While the Play Store listing shows the app name as ‘Silencefy’,  post installation the app showed up as ‘Silencify’ on my app drawer.

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