Shadowgun Now Available For Non-Tegra 2 Devices; Sprinkle Now Available On the Market

Remember my post on Shadowgun? One of the most visually appealing games available for Android handsets with a Tegra 2 processor? Well, the developers of the game – Madfinger – have finally updated the game to add support for non-Tegra 2 devices including Adreno, Mali-400 and PowerVR GPU based Android devices. The new version of the game is also optimized for Xperia Play!

In other Android gaming related news, Sprinkle is now finally available on the Android Market for Android gamers to enjoy! For the unknown, Sprinkle is the same game which Nvidia has used to demonstrate the power of its Tegra 2 and the upcoming Tegra 3 SoC.  The game is available in both free and paid versions.  It’s nice to see that visually pleasing games are finally coming to Android!

In the Android Apps department, Swiftkey X, one of the most popular keyboard available for the open-sourced OS. The new update adds some much-needed features like multi-touch support, support for 35 localised  languages  including Arabic and Hebrew, UX enhancements, and an improved memory usage and prediction/correction system. The update is already live on the Android Market, can can be downloaded from here


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