SEVEN – a Push Email Client Released on Android 2.1

I know, I know Android already has a native PUSH Email client but the problem is it only offers solution for your Gmail and Exchange. Moreover, it is always better to have options, isn’t it?

seven-android 2.1

With SEVEN you can configure as many email id’s as you want, be it of Gmail or not. Apart from that, the UI of the software is also a bit different than the native email client on your Android. It offers White text on Black background which looks pleasant on eyes if you are bored of your native Push email client.

Though the PUSH email is not really that fast as your native client but is much better than normal POP/IMAP clients. One interesting feature being able to control your bandwidth usage. This feature might help if you are on roaming or on limited data plan (which in my opinion everyone is).

Besides that, the app is also bundled with SEVEN IM. SEVEN IM currently supports Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger. Also, Yahoo! and AIM will be added to the list before the app gets out of beta.

You can download this app from SEVEN’s official site (you will have to register an account with them, of course).   Also, the app is available only on Android 2.1 and above so a lot many devices might be able to use it. The app looks promising and might interest many of our readers. Do let us know via comments if you liked the app.

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