Screenshot Applications For Multiple Mobile Platforms

Sometime back we had told you about one of the best screenshot tool for Nokia Symbian devices which allowed you to easily capture and share screenshots of applications and screens on Nokia smartphones.


However there are several mobile platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile platform, Blackberry and Java and there are several applications available to take screenshots on these platforms.

TechPavan has come up with a list of screenshot applications that will work on all of these above platforms. These include iPhone Screenshot utility for the iPhone, Ilium Software Screen Capture for Windows Mobile platform, BB Screen Shooter for Blackberry and the Mobile Screenshot tool for any mobile supporting Java.

Which screenshot application do you use on your phone? Do share it with the readers, also please contribute with tools for platforms we may have missed.

2 thoughts on “Screenshot Applications For Multiple Mobile Platforms”

  1. @ Keith

    Thanks for the LL :)

    @ Alan

    The output format in iPhone will be in pdf format, but the tool linked above will produce image in png format. pdf is not a general format for images, but png is and hence the app.

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