SanDisk To Launch 32Gb microSD Cards

Currently, 16Gb of storage space might be enough for many people on their cellphones and other gadgets. SanDisk thinks otherwise – they are soon going to launch microSD cards with 32Gb capacity. It is believed that SanDisk willsandisk_logo-b release the 32Gb cards in the market by next month. If it does happen, SanDisk will become the first manufacturer to sell 32Gb microSD cards on the market. Samsung had also announced in January this year, that it will be producing 32Gb microSD cards soon.

Right now, only a few phones in the market offer a mammoth 32Gb storage capacity – Nokia N97 and Apple iPhone 3GS – being a couple of them. With mobiles phones more or less becoming capable of playing HD videos, the storage needs of people will automatically increase with time. The maximum supported capacity by SDHC format is 32gb.

After 32gigs, microSD card manufacturers will need to shift to SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity) format to release cards with much higher capacities. There are hardly any consumer gadgets on the market right now which support SDXC format. Purchasing a 32gig microSD card will set you back by around 200 US$. For some paying 200 US$ for a 32gig card might be ridiculous now as prices will definitely go down in the future.

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