Samsung Will NOT Unveil The Galaxy S III At MWC!

Samsung has confirmed that it won’t be announcing the Galaxy S III at MWC in Barcelona this year. Instead, the company will unveil the handset at a separate Samsung hosted event sometime later in the first half of the year.

Even though Sammy will announce the handset at a later date, the S III will still hit the shelves before the first-half of this year ends. Apparently, Samsung does not want big lag between the global launch and the U.S launch of the S III, as it happened in the case of Galaxy S II.

There is a very strong possibility that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S III at the Olympics game this year. Samsung is one of the sponsor of the games, and nearly half the world glued to watching the Olympic games, there can be no better platform to launch a product like the Galaxy S III.

Late last month, rumors started floating on the Internet that Samsung might not announce the Galaxy S III at MWC next month. The Galaxy S III is already one of the most anticipated handset of this year, after the Galaxy S II broke all sales record and was the most popular Android handset of 2011.


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