Samsung Wave 525 and Wave 533 Won’t Get Bada 2.0 Upgrades

Samsung will soon be rolling out the bada 2.0 update for its bada-running Wave branded handsets. Earlier, Sammy had stated that all of its Wave handsets will get the bada 2.0, but it seems like that might not be true.

SammyHub ┬áreports that in an email sent my Samsung to developers earlier this month, the company grouped its bada devices under two different categories Wave (WOVGA) and Wave (WQVGA)_bada 1.1. Sadly, two of the Wave branded handsets, Wave 525 and 533, are under the second category, which means that these handsets won’t get the bada 2.0 update.

However, Samsung has promised a Value Packupgrade for the Wave 525 and 533 handsets. Here is the definition of Value Packfrom Samsung :

Samsung is offering Value Packupgrade for devices that do not support bada 2.0 upgrade due to hardware limitations such as main chipset performance and available network speed. Value Packis designed to offer the same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations.

Sammy did not mention as to when it will roll out the Value Packupdate for both the handsets.

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