Samsung Vibrant To Release On 15 July In US

We reported earlier that AT&T will release their version of the mighty Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, on 18 July and T-Mobile on 21 July. T-Mobile wanted to be one better than AT&T, hence, they rescheduled the release date of Samsung Vibrant to 15 July. Samsung Vibrant is T-Mobile’s version of Samsung I9000 Galaxy S.


An official at phonedog got a reply via twitter from TMobile_USA that Samsung Vibrant launch is scheduled for 15 July. So, it is official now and T-Mobile won the race against AT&T for bringing the first Galaxy S in US. The cost will be $199 on two year contract (same as AT&T).

The hardware is the same as in Captivate and I9000 Galaxy S. We have reported about the hardware earlier and you can check the details here.


  • otsuigm

    T-Mobile may have also upped the date to battle head-to-head with Verizon who's latest "Droid X" releases on July 15 as well.

    Unfortunately there has been zero advertising for the Vibrant by either T-Mobile, Samsung or Google.

    Verizon has been plugging the Droid X release like crazy and there's early word that pre-orders at Best Buy are already sold-out.

    The good news is I should have no problem waltzing into a T-Mobile store July 15 and picking up a Vibrant with no lines and no hassles.