Samsung To Fix Galaxy S GPS Issues in September

The Samsung Galaxy S is easily one of the best Android phones to date and has record sales across the globe. There are many variants of the Samsung Galaxy S, namely the AT&T Captivate and the T-Mobile Vibrant. Even the upcoming Sprint Epic 4G is based on the Galaxy S.

However, most of the Galaxy S phones have been having GPS issues. The problems range from not being able to get a lock on any satellites, bad GPS reception and GPS not functioning properly when using apps like Google Maps.

Many users have been complaining about it but there hasn’t been any response from Samsung’s end. Today, however, Samsung let out a tweet which said that

“We’re testing software to optimize GPS on US Galaxy S. Expected updates avail. in Sept. Details & download to follow.”

Galaxy S GPS Issues

Even Carla Saavedra, Samsung Web Product Analyst tweeted the same thing.

“#Samsung is testing software to optimize #GPS on Galaxy S phones. Look for updates in September. Details & download instructions to follow.”

It’s a bit late, but it’s good to know that Samsung is working on it. How has your experience been with GPS on the Galaxy S? Leave a comment to let us know.

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  • No Bloatware AT&T!

    I am considering purchasing a captivate and was playing with one at the AT&T store. I noticed that I could not get the Map application to find my current location even though all the other phones around had no problem doing so. I did find it VERY interesting that the AT&T Maps application had NO problems with the GPS and found my location very quickly (I believe this was the 'assisted' part of the GPS as it was a few block radius). After I noticed this, I tried the Google Maps again and it timed out again trying to find my location. So… There is a problem with the GPS and does AT&T not allow Google Maps to use the cell phone tower trianglation?

    • George Pataki

      Yes there is a GPS problem. And you have figured it out well. Samsung is apparently having a fix for this in September (they couldn’t tell me when, when I called them today 08/25/10). But if you ask or Call AT&T they are clueless; as usual they just want to sell their junk.

  • Jeff

    The only top of the line T-Mobile android phone has broken GPS. This is not good. T-Mobile, wake up.

  • Stephen

    I have the Captivate for 2 weeks now and have problems getting a GPS signal. It takes at least 3-4 ‘re-tries’ to find my location in any application.

    Can’t wait till they fix it. (Which I hope is soon)

  • Uv

    I have Galaxy S. Samsung support were very bad. Gave me misleading instructions to try to fix it. I spent hours with their support with zero results.
    Then they promissed that Froyo will solve the problems. So I was patience till I got Froyo. But still the same problems!