Samsung To Bring Next Gen WP7 Handset



Microsoft and Samsung are working together to bring in the next generation Windows Phone 7 device in the market. For a while Microsoft was looking for self-starter who can lead a virtual team and drive the portfolio planning of the next generation of mobile devices running on Microsoft’ Windows Phone 7 with a leading handset manufacturer (Samsung). The next generation Windows Phone 7 handset is due later this year.

The timing also matches with Microsoft’s plan to roll out the huge Mangoupdate later this year. The Mango update will bring Internet Explorer 9 mobile and limited Multitasking. Last year when Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 to the market, it partnered with Samsung, HTC, LG, etc., to manufacture the hardware. Microsoft also has strict restrictions on the minimum hardware requirement. Microsoft also partnered with Nokia last month to bring out more Windows Phone 7 handsets by the end of this year. Although it is said that Nokia is waiting for Microsoft to release Windows Phone 7.5 update or Mango before starting with WP7 handset production.

The Microsoft-Nokia is an exclusive deal where Nokia benefits from features only available on Nokia manufactured Windows Phone 7 handset. With Nokia making the shift, unsurprisingly Microsoft didn’t want to burden them with partnering as OEM for next generation WP7 handsets. In either way, previous bunch of WP7 handset had rather impressive hardware and design and hopefully Samsung and Microsoft together raise the bar even further.


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