Samsung Ships 5 Million Galaxy Note 2 In Just Two Months!

At the beginning of this month, Samsung announced that it had managed to ship around 3 million Galaxy Note II units since its launch. Now, just a couple of weeks later, Samsung has announced that it has managed to ship mor ethan 5 million units of the Galaxy Note II within two months of its release.

The Galaxy Note II is already available in more than 120+ countries, including the United States, which has played a major role in this hybrid device success. The original Galaxy Note took around 5 months to reach the 5 million units mark, and its successor achieved the same milestone in less than half the time.

The Galaxy Note was originally criticized for its big size and was termed as a niche device. However, Samsung has proved everyone wrong with strong sales of the Note as well as the Note 2. With the Galaxy S3 sales already exceeding the 30 million mark, Samsung is all set for another big quarter, in terms of profit as well as volume of devices shipped.

Via – SammyHub

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