Samsung Sells 700,000 Units Of Galaxy Note In Korea

Today, Samsung reported that it has managed to sell more than 700,000 units of the Galaxy Note in Korea. Considering Samsung has ‘sold’ these units to distributors, the actual sales figure might be a bit lower. Since Korea is Samsung’s home market, it should not come as a surprise that the company totally dominates the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S II was without any doubt, the most popular Android handset of 2011. The phone has managed to break all the previous sales record of Samsung, and is still selling like hot cakes.

When Samsung had announced the Galaxy Note last year, with a mammoth 5.3-inch screen and a S-Pen (Stylus) feature, many people argued that this tablet cum smartphone would meet the same fate as the Dell Streak 5.

However, the Galaxy Note managed to prove the critics wrong, and has been selling well right from day one. The handset managed to cross the 1 million mark in December, last year. The Galaxy Note is yet to be released in the United States, which will further boost its sale.



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