Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S Since Its Launch

A couple of weeks ago, we had reported that Samsung is nearing its goal of selling 10 million Galaxy S units worldwide. Today, the company announced that they have managed to reach their goal within the specified timeframe. The Korean company managed to sell 10 million Galaxy S units worldwide within 7 months of its launch.


Here is what JK Shin, President and Head Of Mobile communications at Samsung had to say after achieving the goal:

The Galaxy S is the result of our 22 year heritage in the mobile industry. It is the realization of our concept of the Smart Life’ we wanted to makes users’ lives more convenient, more exciting, and more integrated. Today’s milestone shows that we have succeeded: 10 million Galaxy S users around the world are living the Smart Life.

Samsung managed to sell a staggering 4 million units of the Galaxy S in North America while Europe contributed with around 2.5 million units.

The Samsung Galaxy S has been one of the most popular handset of the last year. It is ironic that the most popular Android smartphone still runs on Android 2.1 in the United States. Samsung has been rolling out the Android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S all over the world except for the United States.

Hopefully, the company will release the update before the end of January.


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