Samsung Working on S-Cloud, its Own Cloud Service

Samsung seems to be going after Apple in every market. After notebooks, smartphones and tablets, it seems to be planning to launch its own cloud based service to compete with Apple’s iCloud. However, the launch of its S-Cloud has been delayed. Samsung SDS, its IT division, was working on the S-Cloud, but the architecture it developed was found “inappropriate” for global cloud services.

The Samsung Media Solution Center is now planning to use technology from other companies to launch its cloud. It is currently in talks with KT, a public cloud service operator in Korea. It may also collaborate with Amazon, which has the largest public cloud offering in the world.

The official release seems likely to be postponed because of the delay in the development phase. Apple worked on the iCloud for around 2 years before the final launch. Given Samsung much more vast product range, Samsung could take much more time to launch its own.

It’s difficult to say how Samsung’s S-Cloud will stack up against the iCloud, but I had to choose, I would definitely go with Apple.

Source: ETNews

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