Samsung Planning to Buy webOS from HP?

Since HP’s announcement that it was planning to spin off its PC business and discontinue webOS, there have been some major developments in the technology industry. First of all, the HP fire sale proved that there was a market for cheap tablets, and a chance for other tablet manufacturers to fight off the iPad’s dominance. Amazon is apparently already working on it, and will launch a tablet soon.

We also heard rumors that Oracle was planning a takeover bid for HP, and that Samsung was planning to acquire HP’s PC business.

Today, Digitimes reported that Samsung wasn’t actually interested in HP’s PC business. Instead, Samsung is planning to buy webOS from HP, in order to hedge its bets on the Android platform.

Samsung has been the top Android smartphone and tablet manufacturer since the Galaxy series of devices. However, with Google buying Motorola, it is feeling increasingly threatened about its status as the top dog in the mobile arena.

Samsung already has Bada, as an alternative to Android, and it’s also doing quite well in certain countries.

There may be another reason why Samsung is contemplating buying webOS – patents. Palm had a pretty solid portfolio of patents which could help Samsung fight off the patent infringement lawsuits filed by Apple over the Galaxy devices.

None of these reports have been confirmed by Samsung, but if there is any truth to them, we should see an official announcement soon.

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