Samsung OmniaHD I8910 doesn’t has 1 GHz CPU in India

Samsung OmniaHD I8910, the first gsm mobile in the world which has a HD video recording of 720p was released in India recently. What made even a bigger noise than its release is that it has a 1 GHz CPU. Before coming to India OmniaHD was already launched in other countries but nowhere it was mentioned that it has a 1 GHz CPU. The 1 GHz CPU was written on the back of the OmniaHD box in India. This turned many people’s head around and even ours. When contacted Samsung about this matter they made themselves clear that it is a mistake made from their side. What actually happened is that the 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and the 420 MHz DSP (sound processing chip) were written altogether as 1 GHz. Well both are nowhere related to each other so it was wrong for Samsung to write something like that. Samsung said that it’s a printing mistake but we feel that it was a marketing strategy from Samsung.