Samsung Mesmerize Gets The Android 2.3.4 Update At US Cellular

Samsung Mesmerize is the US Cellular’s version of the highly popular Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. This handset originally runs on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) Operating System. Samsung has already rolled out the Android 2.3 update for the Galaxy S owners, but US Cellular has delayed the update for some unknown reason. After waiting for almost 3 months, US Cellular have finally rolled out the much-awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

The latest update changes the software version of the device to “EH09″ and it comes with stability and performance updates. It also helps you to achieve the best possible battery life with improved power management features. Check out the complete changelog, after the break.

samsung mesmerize android update


  • Improved power management
  • User interface refinements
  • More control over applications
  • Improved text interface
  • One-touch word selection and copy/paste

It is advised to backup all you data before updating the device. Sadly, this update is not be available via Over-The-Air(OTA). You will need to manually update you phone, just by connecting you phone to the computer. You should also make sure that, the battery is fully charged before updating your phone. To learn more, check out this PDF file. To update your Samsung Mesmerize smartphone, head over to this page.

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  • Shannon Newman

    updated to 2.3 on my mesmerize and now the front facing camera says its taking pictures and cant turn phone off. the this morning[i work all night]i woke my phone and the camera was on and only thing i could do is hold power key down and shut down phone.did a hard reset today?????

    • NuB2XbrT

      I recently flashed my Mesmerize running android 2.1 to 2.2 using this simple upgrade tool. After reboot phone runs great for about 5 mins, then it starts rebooting itself over and over again. After hours of fumbling around with all these recovery options i finally found one link that helped return my phone to its original state.( hopefully this link is helpful to anybody else who encounters problems after the upgrade!!

  • Zelda

    There is only one bad thing about the Mesmerize’s update: the fact that there is no easy way to root it yet.

    • Em

      Yeah. Why don’t they work on that yet?