Samsung May Introduce a Bezel Less Device This Year!

Thanks to Super AMOLED and its improved versions like the Super AMOLED Plus and the HD Super AMOLED, Samsung is considered to be a leading force in the mobile display technology. Not only do these AMOLED displays from Samsung look stunning, they offer unmatched contrast and vibrancy. These AMOLED displays from Samsung also allows companies to create thinner handsets, since the touchscreen controller is integrated on the AMOLED screen itself, instead of occupying a few precious millimeters inside a handset.

Samsung is now looking to take things to the next level with its next generation of AMOLED technology. The company had demonstrated flexible AMOLED displays way back in 2010, and has been continuously demonstrating the display to the public at every major tech event. Now, if this post from Forbes is to be believed, Samsung will be able to mass-produce this flexible AMOLED screen in 2012. This means that users will be able to see devices with flexible displays in their handsets this year itself!

An analyst from Asia suggests that “the first example of this technology would not be in a smartphone screen that folded in half (though that may come later in 2013 in a clam-shell like device), but in a screen that folded over the edges of a phone, replacing the usual screen border or “bezel” so that the display continued onto the sides (see image above). The display would be “unbreakable and increases the exceptionally slim form-factor.”

So chances are we might just see a new device from Samsung with a foldable display on its side, instead of the usual bezel. Perhaps the Galaxy S3? Talk about innovation!

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