Samsung I5700/Galaxy Spica Pics Leaked

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Samsung Galaxy Lite, as it was formerly known, now has nothing to hide.   Samsung Galaxy Spica, should be announced next month with a price tag of 350 euro, which is quite affordable for all that it offers. In fact, it will be direct competitor to HTC Tattoo.

It will sport a capacitive touch screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, an all-round connectivity package (HSDPA,  Wi-Fi,   GPS and Bluetooth) and a microSD card slot. The CPU is expected to be the same 800 MHz one as in the Samsung   Omnia II.

Samsung Galaxy Spica, comes with the Android 1.5.   The sad part though is, it wont have the   Samsung’s UI modifications TouchWiz UI, which means the famous 3 home screen modification by the   Samsung for its native phone won’t be available.


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