Samsung Hints At Something New For CES; No, It’s Not The Galaxy S4!

“Get Ready” – That’s the title of the teaser video that Samsung has posted on its blog, Samsung Tomorrow. The teaser video from the company hints at “something new” from the Korean giant at CES 2013, which is to be held from January 8-11th at Las Vegas.

The video does not show or hints at any new device in particular, but most people are assuming that Samsung might just unveil the Galaxy S4 at CES. Considering that the Galaxy S3 was unveiled only in May this year, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 so soon. If the company was going to unveil the Galaxy S4 at CES, at least some amount of info would have leaked about the handset, which has not, clearly indicating that the S4 is not coming to the market anytime soon.

The company’s CEO had earlier hinted that Samsung will be going through a huge brand make-over and the teaser video might just be hinting about that.

Below is the teaser video for our readers to decide for themselves -:

So what do you think? Is Samsung going to unveil the Galaxy S4 or a new tablet at CES, or will it be something completely new and revolutionary or just a brand make-over?

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