Samsung Galaxy S III Second OTA Update Rolling Out In India

Samsung has started rolling out another software update for the Galaxy S III in India. This is the second OTA update for the handset, within a couple of months of its release. While the first OTA update only brought some under the hood changes along with a kernel and baseband update, this new update actually brings one nifty feature Рa brightness slider bar right in the notification bar. Apart from this, the 73MB OTA update hopefully brings about some improvement and stability fixes.

The original Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II had an option to control the brightness by sliding the finger across the notification bar. This nifty little feature was appreciated by the whole Android community, and was even ported to CM7 and CM9. However, for some strange reason Samsung had removed this feature in the Galaxy S III. This is the same update that Samsung started rolling out internationally just a week ago.

If you live in India and have not already got the update, head over to Settings -> About Device and select the ‘Software Update’ option.

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