Samsung Expects to Sell 10 Million Galaxy S3 Units by Next Month

The Galaxy S3 is selling like hot cakes, but you probably already knew that. Even as most other Android manufacturers are struggling to eke out a profit, Samsung is raking in the dough. Now the Korean giant has come out, and revealed that it expects to sell as many as 10 million units by the end of July.

It’s worth nothing that Samsung typically labels units shipped to retailers as units sold, so the actual number of units purchased by customers will be lower. However, given that the S3 has been more or less flying off the shelves, the difference shouldn’t be huge.


In any case, it’s clear that the S3 is living up to the hype, and Samsung has another blockbuster in its hands. If anything, the new Galaxy flagship cements Samsung’s position as the leading Android handset manufacturer. The S3 is not the best looking smartphone, nor does it have the most exquisite finish; however, none of that clearly matters for most consumers. They are more than willing to sacrifice on looks to get their hands on what is undoubtedly the best performing smartphone till date. The S3 is yet to be released in the US, but it should be available with various carriers by the end of this week.

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