Samsung Galaxy S3 – It Sees, Listens, and Responds

Prior to today’s announcement, most of the talk around the Galaxy S3 was about its meaty quad-core Exynos processor and gorgeous Super AMOLED HD screen. However, the biggest selling point for the Galaxy S3 will probably not be its hardware, but its software. Samsung has clearly invested a lot of effort to distinguish its flagship from other Android handsets. Samsung repeatedly described the new Galaxy as a handset that sees, listens, and responds. Let’s have a look at exactly what that means.


It Sees: The Galaxy S3 will use its front camera to track your eye to automatically determine whether you are looking at the screen or not. The display will remain bright even if it has been inactive for a prolonged duration, if the Smart Stay feature determines that you are reading an eBook or surfing the web.

It Listens: Inspired by Apple’s Siri, Samsung has developed its own voice recognition app called S Voice. It will support eight languages including English (US and UK), German, Italian, Spanish, and Korean. It can be used to activate the phone, surf the web, launch apps, check weather, send email and SMS, manage appointments, and more. However, unlike Siri, S Voice doesn’t appear to be capable of sophisticated natural language processing. It will probably be capable of understanding a set of voice commands that you will have to memorize.

It Responds: The Galaxy S3 has as six sensors, and it will be leveraging them to understand your intentions. If you are reading an SMS from your mom, and you hold the phone next to your ear, then the Galaxy S3 will automatically understand that you wish to call your mom, and dial the number for you. Similarly, a smart alert system will alert you about missed calls by vibrating the handset the next time you pick it up.

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