Samsung Galaxy S Will Not Get The Value Pack Update!

Galaxy S owners, here is some bad news for you. When Samsung had originally announced that it won’t be updating the Galaxy S and the Tab to Ice Cream Sandwich, there was quite a huge up-roar. Millions of Galaxy S owners were pissed and they started an online petition so as to force Samsung to update the handset to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thanks to the negative publicity, Samsung decided that it will be re-evaluating  the ICS update for the Galaxy S, and later announced that it will be releasing a Value pack update for the handset, like it had done for its lower end Bada handsets.

Well, now Samsung has announced that it won’t be releasing a Value Pack update for the Galaxy S as well. Samsung claims that the hardware on the Galaxy S is not capable of running a new version of the underlying OS.

While this news is definitely going to disappoint quite a lot of Galaxy S users, I am sure most of them must already be running one of the Ice Cream Sandwich based Custom ROMs available for the handset.


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Rajesh Pandey

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