Samsung Galaxy S III Overtakes iPhone 4S in August; Victory Short-lived

The Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone, has apparently become the top smartphone in the U.S., in terms of sales. While surpassing the most popular smartphone — the iPhone 4S — in the market may seem like a huge achievement, it’s really not.

Apple is expected to launch the next version of the iPhone – the iPhone 5 – on September 12. As users gear up to buy the latest iPhone, many have been holding off their iPhone purchases in the last couple of months, which has led to a decline in iPhone 4S sales.

However, September is expected to be a very good month for Apple, as scores of customers buy its latest iPhone, should it launch it then.

We expect the iPhone 5 to help Apple easily reclaim its throne in the U.S. and multiple international markets for the remainder of 2012, as consumers clamor to buy the newest iPhone.

Samsung’s victory will be short-lived. The Galaxy S III’s prospects may also be diminished by the fact that Apple may now try to get a ban on sales of the device in the U.S., following its success with getting Samsung’s other devices banned last month.

For now, just brace yourselves. The iPhone 5 is coming.

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