Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Root Access Before Official Launch!

The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced earlier this month, and has already caused quite a stir in the Android world. The handset is a worthy successor to the highly popular Galaxy S II in every aspect, except for the design. The handset is up for pre-order in certain regions of the world, and will hit the shelves on May 29th.

However, even before the handset has hit the retail shelves, Chainfire – a very popular and talented Android developer – has managed to gain root access to the handset. He has not released the rooted kernel though, so as to maintain the anonymity of his source. So what’s the point of getting the root access then, you ask? Well, this means that unlike HTC, Samsung phones are still very easy to root and don’t have a locked down bootloader that HTC phones have.

This also means that a pre-rooted kernel for the Galaxy S III will be already available by the time most of the readers get their hands on the phone. An easy way to root the phone, along with an unlocked bootloader are the only requirements to make an Android phone a developer community favorite.


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Rajesh Pandey

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