Samsung Galaxy S Firmware Bug Resets Factory Settings without Asking

The Samsung Galaxy S has been selling like hot cakes ever since its release. Competitive pricing, coupled with fantastic screen, powerful hardware and Android OS (Operating System) has earned it a solid reputation. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its fair share of kinks.


Besides the well-publicized GPS bug, some Galaxy handsets also suffer from another potentially devastating bug. According to the Inquirer, connecting the device to a PC through Samsung Kies might trigger a factory reset, if there is a file with extension longer than 16 characters. “This only occurs if the Galaxy S device contains a file name extension longer than 16 characters,” informed a Samsung spokesperson. “The issue will be remedied immediately when the file is removed”, he added.

Factory reset basically wipes away all your data and resets the phone to its original condition. This means that you will lose all your contacts, messages, settings and more. Until Samsung fixes this issue through a firmware update, ensure that your Galaxy S doesn’t have any file with extension longer than 16 characters.

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