Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Update Is Here!

Looks like Samsung has released the official Froyo firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S. Many users over at XDA-Developers are reporting that they have been able to update their handset to the official Froyo FW (JP6) via KIES. Early reviews suggest that the lag issue which was present in nearly all the Android 2.1 FW is still present. Hopefully, this firmware update will fix the GPS issue which has been plaguing the Galaxy S from the start. Samsung_Galaxy_S

Here is the change-log   according to Brief Mobile :

* Android 2.2 JIT compiler
* Adobe Flash Player 10.1 compatibility
* New Android Market with auto-updating
* Speed improvements
* Pinch-to-zoom homescreen flyover
* Improved default keyboard
* Quick links to GPSand Auto rotationtoggles on notification bar added
* Slightly different graphics and transitions with app drawer and default icon dock
* Colored icons in settings
* GPS Fix
* Colored settings icons
* Media Hub
* Darker menu theme, navy blue color
* Better Exchange support
* Video records in MP4 format
* New Search widget
* New Gmail application

Ironically, @SamFirmware had managed to get his hands on the leaked firmware a few days ago. Samsung had even released the source code of the JPM firmware on their open source website before pulling it back.

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