Why a Windows Phone 7 Based Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the Right Move for Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S was the most popular Android smartphone of 2010. Its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S 2, which was launched about 2 months back has been a huge hit too, selling over 3 million units in just 55 days. It has been declared the best Android smartphone of 2011 by almost every gadget review blog, and is the one of the few phones which can rival the popularity of the iPhone.

Naturally, when there were rumors that Samsung was working on a Windows Phone 7 based version of the Galaxy S 2 (codenamed the Samsung SGH-i937), everyone, including me, was very excited about the possibilities. Windows Phone 7 is a very promising OS, and with the Mango update, it is probably the best alternative to iOS.

Many people I know prefer Windows Phone 7.5 to Android 2.3.4, but since Android has a much better choice and selection of hardware, they have stuck with Android. You may argue that Android has far more apps than Windows Phone 7, but Windows Marketplace’s app count is growing rapidly; it recently passed the 25,000 mark and is still growing.

If Samsung does launch a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 powered by Windows Phone 7, it would probably be the best option for anyone wanting to buy Windows Phone 7 devices. It could capture a majority of the Windows Phone 7 market share in one move, before Nokia even manages to launch its first Windows Phone 7 device. It would have a much better chance at becoming the world’s largest smartphone vendor then, with devices on three smartphone platforms – Android, Windows Phone 7 and BADA OS. This is why launching a Windows Phone 7 based variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 would be an excellent move for Samsung. If I wanted to, I would probably go short some Nokia stock. Its prospects aren’t looking very good.

Disclosure: I have no open stock positions in any of the companies mentioned in this post.

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