Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4: Comparison

The Apple iPhone 4 has been a huge hit and with the iPhone 5 launch being delayed to September, it will be the smartphone every new Android device will be compared to. And though it’s almost an year old now, comparisons of the iPhone 4 with new Android phones are inevitable, as it is one of the best smartphones known to mankind. In this post, I will pit the new Samsung Galaxy S 2 against the Apple iPhone 4. Expect some fireworks.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4


While design preferences are subjective, I can safely say that both the Galaxy S 2 and the iPhone 4 have very stylish designs. The iPhone 4 has dimensions of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm while the Galaxy S 2 has dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm. The Galaxy S 2 is the slimmest smartphone around, slimmer than even the anorexic Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

It is also very light, with a weight of only 116 gms compared to the iPhone 4’s 134 gms. I would prefer the Galaxy S 2.


The Samsung Galaxy S 2 comes with a 4.3 inch capacitive SuperAMOLED Plus display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is easily the best display in town, in terms of size, contrast, display quality etc. It is perfect for watching videos and movies.

The iPhone 4 comes with a 3.5 inch IPS LCD ‘Retina’ display with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels. It is one of the best displays in the market, but loses out before the Galaxy S 2 in terms of size as well as overall quality.

Again, the Galaxy S 2 wins.


The Samsung Galaxy S 2 easily trumps the iPhone 4 when it comes to hardware, but that is obvious, as it is yet to be launched, while the iPhone 4 was launched in June last year.

The iPhone 4 comes with a 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM and 16/32 GB internal storage. The Galaxy S 2 comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core Exynos processor and 1 GB RAM. It also has 16/32 GB internal storage and supports microSD cards.

Winner: Galaxy S 2


Now this is the part where we have two completely divided camps. Some prefer iOS with its ease of use, great user interface, huge library of apps and games (almost 400,000) while some prefer Android with its openness, customizability, better multitasking, and not-as-huge library of apps and games (200,000). With the Galaxy S 2, you get Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and TouchWiz 4.0 which offer excellent performance thanks to the powerful hardware.

There is no clear verdict in this section, but I would prefer the Galaxy S 2 with Android. Just my preference.


The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has an 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. It can shoot 1080p videos at 30 FPS and also comes with a 2 MP secondary camera. It is second only to the Xperia Arc and the Nokia N8, in terms of image quality. It definitely blows the iPhone 4’s 5 MP camera out of the water. The Galaxy S 2 is a clear winner in this department.


The Galaxy S 2 can play any video format which currently exists on Planet Earth. It’s a pleasure watching videos on the 4.3 inch SuperAMOLED Plus display, going by all the reviews I have seen. It is THE device to have if you want to watch videos on the move. It wins.

Web Browsing

Both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S 2 have excellent web browsers, both default and third-party. But as the Galaxy S 2 has a bigger display, and also supports Flash, I would go with it.

The Verdict

As you can clearly see, the iPhone 4 is now outdated. The Samsung Galaxy 2 is quite obviously the best smartphone on the market. It should be launched soon, and I expect it to be the best Android phone of 2011.

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  • hamboza

    It makes no sense comparing the Giant Galaxy 2 with the iPhone 4 for the iphone4 was comparable to the Galaxy1 earlier. So this is a comparison between different generations of mobiles, i’d prefer leaving the comparison to when the iPhone 5 comes out.

    • RC

      It makes sense for those people who want to buy a phone today. iPhone 5? If I need to buy a phone today so where can I buy an iPhone 5 now? I can only choose between Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4 (or other phones), right?

      • cr0wnest

        Finally someone who actually gets the point…

        • Alexander Graham Bell

          Just recommended my sis to get the G2s – & I have an IP4 that I bought (well got it free) only 1 month ago.
          I took it just because it was free, not the best available.

          cr0wnest your point is spot on. You have to compare it to whats available now – not the future (iphone 708) or the past (2 cans & a piece of string)

          ps They are both good phones. No need to get so upset people.

        • ronald

          we are not sure also if iphone5 is comparable to samsung galaxy s II. SGS2 is the best, most amazing phone so far.

  • Arham Shah

    its a TOTALLY unfair comparision !

    the iphone 4 released almost a year ago while the galaxy s2 is not even released yet !!

    if you want to compare the iphone 4 , compare it with a phone “released in 2010″ or wait for the iphone 5 to release (which would be a fair comparision)

    • senaster

      dude ………….its not about the when did the phone released its about the value of money…………iphone 4 released year ago but its price is still more than 32k while for the samsung galaxy s2 comes below 30 …….and also with better hardware configuration and all…….ofcourse people will go for the cheaper and better option. android is a totally new paltform so it will take time to get the apps totally setteled down which will easily ward off the apple in comin 4-5 yrs….s2 is just the 2nd gen wait for the iphone5 vs samsung galaxy s3…will see how it goes then????

  • BlueTurtle

    A friend’s iPhone 4 froze and he had cracked it and the Apple Store was able to restore it for him. However, a friend’s brand new Galaxy S screen broke but Samsung is NOT able to find him a screen replacement even after 6 months, as of today. And this is not the first incident of Samy’s pathetic AS&S. Also, within a year of launch prices of Galaxy S have tumbled down more than double whereas iPhone price drop has been minimal. This shows how rapidly Samsung is losing market grip while Apple holds on. Just my two cents.

  • Dam

    This is a ridiculous comparison.

    What’s your next article about, nokia 3110 vs iphone 3GS ?

    I’ll give you a new one for a future article if you’d like: a lada vs a porsche 911

    Your comparison is based on largely personal facts.

    Fact: I’d rather have a smaller phone, than this samsung thingy
    Fact: the i4 is 1 year old, the s2 isn’t even released
    Fact: web browsing with flash ? you go ahead and get served all these flash based adverts, I’d rather have a phone that doesn’t display them

    You forgot to compare battery life, and I expect that with a larger display comes a larger consumption.

    • cr0wnest

      Smaller or bigger phone, its all preference depending on user’s needs. Smaller or bigger doesnt necessarily mean a phone is better.

      And the flash content on android can be disabled or set to “on demand” which means you only see them IF you choose to click on them.

      And battery life on this phone is just about the same as iphone 4 and many other phones out there. I know, because i have one myself.

    • Kelvin

      You’re right! we should wait until the iPhone5 is released. Which is when? Oh that’s right – they haven’t announced it yet. They just did a facelift on the iPhone 4. So compare it with the iPhone 4. Oh wait, that’s exactly what this was!

    • Stormrider 007

      ah, dam, but all of your ‘facts’ are personal too, and the SGSII trumps the Iphone in Battery. You’re hearing this from an apple fan, hus got several ipods, an ipad, etc. , but i wont deny that the SGSII is better than the iPhone 4

  • Leo

    Heaps of Apple fanbois here I see. The Galaxy S II crushes the iPhone 4 and its now shipping.

    • Hamboza

      fanboys or not, your comment is still dumb “The Galaxy S II crushes the iPhone 4″ how about a “iPhone 4 crushes samsung wave” see how that makes sense huh!?

      Though i like all the specs and options stuffed into the Samsung Galaxy II, but it’s only a matter of time and we would have a similar or probably superior iPhone 5 (ios5 is looking good btw); until then most of the Programs and Games I use are not even available on the broken Android Marketplace.

      • DetroitMark

        lol It is so obvious that there is a long, squiggly line of whiny @ss iphone owners who feel like they got ripped off now that their stuck with a two year contract on a stupid, out dated device and Samsung’s 2011 masterpiece isn’t even released yet.

        lol!!! Don’t get so attached to your phone diptards.

      • Shane

        iphone 5 will come with superamoled touch screenbut, it also made by samsung and their chipset also made by samsung. idon’t think they made their disply bigger than iphone 4 because iphone3 is also same size therefore samsung galaxy s2 will win the battle with iphone5

    • Apple Fanboys

      dude better check your statment cause it takes nearly a year for samsung to beat the iphone 4…how slow is that huh???
      so here is the thing iphone 4 does not require that much power to operate it just suits with it no need for 1.2 ghz of power to operate and if u compare it with othr android fon they just lag alot like hell dude..
      and watsup with dis android copying ios??? ios have ninja fruits while android have fruit slice?? dont they have their own idea???

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Very good comparison, helped on my decision process. Now that the Samsung Galaxy 2 was released I have two options: either continue with my Iphone 4 or buy a Galaxy 2. Clearly the Galaxy 2 is much better than the Iphone 4. As another person mentioned, this is like comparing a Lada to a Porsche – the Iphone 4 is the Lada while the Galaxy 2 is the Porsche. Of course if and when the Iphone 5 appears and when it becames available for the masses I will have to reevaluate, but meanwhile Galaxy 2 here we go!

  • Ranjeet

    Liked the way the points were expressed and compared later good job there. Its true that the comparision of the phones is not really cool however i would like you to also compare the points, Which is more user friendly and also the presentation of the phone like, Music album, Applications etc. I Never used Samsung or android phones but yes i am impressed with the presentation of the apple product.

  • The comparison with iPhone, an year old phone, with the latest S II just means that the year old phone is still the strongest competitor. Apple has only one phone, the iPhone… but Samsung/Nokia/XYZ… many many phone models… where is the competition… who is the ultimate winner is for you all to decide !

  • jho

    i was looking over the net of some articles that can help me decide whether to go with android or iphone 4. but honestly, i think this is a bit of an unfair comparison as first, iphone 4 was released in june. two, as you’ve said, the galaxy s2 is yet to be released. i think it’s released by now. with this article clearly you’ve made galaxy win but were you able to really compare the two face to face or just by merely looking at their specs over the net? just wondering.

  • t12

    Why compare the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy 2, when knowing that the Galaxy is in the newest range of smartphones. Idiot. Compare iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S 1, and then compare the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy 2. You’re clearly a narrowminded person who hates all the “apple fanboys”, when at the time, iPhone 4 was the best one on the market. Obviously it is not the best anymore as it is nearly obsolete and a new model is being released.

    • dfgh

      At least around here, iPhone 4 still costs almost exactly as much as the Galaxy S 2. This might not be the case in some other country, but at least the comparison is totally fair here. I mean, isn’t it the quality you get for a given price what matters?

    • Kelvin

      To everyone who is bashing this comparrison, he just compared the latest iteration of the Android phone to the latest iteration of the iPhone. If you wanted to go buy a phone TODAY this is what you could expect to find. A very thorough and impartial comparisson. Thank you.

  • WTF

    Why not change the title of the article to “Samsung Galaxy S II trumps iPhone 4″? Obviously this phone is designed to crush the iPhone 4. Wait till the iPhone 5 is released, I bet Samsung will make another one out of it. I hope the guys from Cupertino wins the lawsuit they filed against Samsung.

    • WTF,WTF?

      Wow, you actually want Apple to win? Why? If Apple wins, they will start going after every other smartphone manufacturer out there using their completely ridiculous arguments about the shape of icons (square?). This will make it so that in the future, the US market will be void of any decent phones. When there is healthy competition, the consumers win. When lawsuits about square icons are won, the consumer loses.

  • Nea

    I think the main purpose of comparison is to help users make a decision when it comes to purchase. for me, this comparison helped cos i still see Iphone 4 as a great competitor. It has many other factors such as branding, class, social factor, competitive price, mobile data packages etc that makes it appealing to many despite how many better android phones other brands make….It really did help me decide what kind of phone I’d like to be using, weighing all the factors. And I went with S2 :)

  • sam

    what the hell .. it is unfair comparison .. its clear that the man who is comparing 2 phones is a big time samsung fanboy.. ;(.

    • Samsung galaxy s 1 can also beat iphone4 with it faster processor and gpu.

      • Charlzz25

        Why does you need a lot of proccessor speed and gpu if android doesn’t have a game or an app who deserves it. It’s same story as os x vs win7, having the best proccessor doesn’t mean that you will get the best user experience

        • Statsmakten

          “It’s same story as os x vs win7, having the best proccessor doesn’t mean that you will get the best user experience”

          I sure hope you meant that win7 is the winner in that comparison, since the average macbook user wouldn’t know what to do with the processor power when there’s almost no games to play;)

  • It’s amazing to see so many apple fanboys here. you have a year old phone, but still come here expecting to see how your “ancient” phone still rocks. And when you get served the reality, you start cribbing like little 4th graders pitted against graduates! Come on, I’m sure Iphone 5 will rock, but it’s a fact that Sammy will “crush” it again with the SIII. DOn’t be a sore loser. Fact is there IS a phone that’s better than yours in ALMOST every sense. Apple is not paying you for your loyalty. So why not pressurise apple to build a better phone instead, and give you loyal supporters a discounted upgrade?

  • hi, first and foremost, lemme state that i’ll not be address any of the comments that are purely opinions w/o backup because i personally feel that it’s just a waste of time~

    secondly, i’m an apple freak… but an honest one at that~ if there’s anything apple’s lacking, it sucks… plain simple~ but if it’s gd, i’ll also explain why i feel that way~ just to set things in perspective~

    anyways, on to the main topic by Pathik:

    1) Design

    i feel that it’s pretty much 50/50~ considering all the big hoo-haas about Apple suing Samsung for “plagiarism” and what not~ in the end it boils down to the qn of “how big a phone you want?” a phone can be slim but wide and it still will irritate when you need to squat… same goes for vice versa, small but thick~ i personally feel that the difference or 18 grams isn’t gonna be felt that much~

    2) Display

    it’s still a big qn as to whether Super AMOLED Plus or retina display wins~ would appreciate if someone can really show me stats that it’s better~ until then i’ll take these technology as 50/50 as well~ however if you compare a 480 x 800 pixels 4.3″ screen vs a 640 x 960 pixels 3.5″ screen, i really have no idea why you state that the iPhone 4 loses out to the Galaxy S2 in terms of overall quality~ based on numbers that’s impossible~ lesser pixels on a wider screen will never look better than more pixels on a smaller screen~ the only thing i can think of is brightness and contrast, of which Galaxy S2’s are set slightly higher for default than the iPhone 4 (assuming default is 50%)~ naturally, something is brighter will look better~ so in terms of display, unless it’s comparison by screen size, which i will agree that Galaxy S2 is better, i don’t quite see any other possible difference ‘cept that iPhone 4’s resolution should win (but then you might not be able to see the difference with your naked eye)… as a result, my personal opinion, go purely for the size you want for your phone to be~

    3) Hardware

    i love this part~ because if you ask me, the world of today is quite overrated when it comes to the internal hardware~ let me put it into perspective, iPhone 4’s boot up is approx 35 secs while Galaxy S2 is approx 22 sec (from 2 youtube videos, might vary depending on how overloaded their phones are though)~ so basically with the difference of 1.4 Ghz in processing speed (1.2 dual core = 2.4; 2.4 – 1 = 1.4), 512 MB RAM (1 – .512), you get 13 sec off your boot up time~ slightly significant to some, irrelevant to most~ so the ratio is approx 3:2~ let’s put this into your apps’ context now~ let’s say you have an app on the iPhone that takes 6 secs (i doubt any takes that long… but let’s be conservative…), how long will the same app take to start on Galaxy S2? approx 4 secs based on the ratio~ of course there are other factors with may affect it about 1-2 secs (just in case somebody wants to bring up this point)~ but let’s be real, do you really care that your apps run 1-4 secs faster? honestly… not really~
    but i can’t deny that IT IS BETTER~! just that not BETTER enough to be practical~ but hey, Galaxy S2 is at a cheaper price~ who’s gonna argue with that? no matter how you see it, it still wins~ :D just that it may not have won that much~
    with regards to external storage, yes the iPhone loses also~ but for your info, that doesn’t mean there are alternatives that keep iPhone chasing behind (such as USB for the iPhone in the end, we’re moving towards a wireless industry where ext HDDs are starting to emit Wi-FI for wireless connectivity~ which is why Apple’s move to cloud storage~ so in terms of space, i don’t think the iPhone loses just because you can’t stick a microSD card into it~ it’s what you need that matters~

    4) OS

    because OS is very subjective, i think you brought up a gd point about comparing app stores instead~ yes, the iPhone wins in terms of quantity compared to Android, in fact approx 2 times more than Android~ but based on sources, they say Android has more downloaded apps than iPhone~ whether is it cause of the customer based to downloads ratio or because of the lack of apps is unknown though~ i won’t even go down to compare what apps one has and the other doesn’t, because it’ll be never ending… trust me~ in the end, it’s still 50/50 over here~

    5) Camera

    if you’re comparing 1080p video vs 720p video, video capture is definitely sided by Galaxy S2~ 8 MP and 5 MP camera also says it all~ but of course i’m also assuming that stuff like lens and exposure are the same~ (just to address those who are more camera savvy)

    6) Web Browsing

    Chrome vs Safari is yet again another area based on preference~ if you’re talking about web browsing, i would usually go for a bigger display~ but then again i might hold back based on size~ however if flash is your concern, please read this article ( and note that even Google is preparing to transit away from flash~ some might say that it’s better to be able to watch something than nothing at all~ not wrong in that~ but others might say that since it doesn’t look good, it brings down the entire experience, it shouldn’t even be inside~ also not wrong in that~ in the end it comes down to what you want~

    7) Peripherals

    this is where Galaxy S2 loses to the iPhone~ because the iPhone can basically do almost anything in this area, such as swipe a credit card or even attach SLR lens to your camera~

    8) Resale Value

    any Apple product has a higher resale value and potention than any other company’s branding~ this is something non-Apple users have to admit as well~ after all, how many ppl don’t mind buying a Galaxy S1 vs iPhone 3GS~ you’ll immediately get the picture~

    lastly, you mentioned that iPhone 4 is outdated, true~ but it will definitely not be the best smartphone of 2011 in 2 mths time~ :D my 2 cents worth~

    • Rebuttal

      I respect your comments, but I feel I need to correct some issues.

      1) Design – it is absolutely a matter of personal preference. Apple doesn’t give you a choice, though. (Draw)

      2) Display – Stats are pointless. Look at them both side by side, then decide for yourself. Both displays have benefits and drawbacks. (Draw)

      3) Hardware – dual-core 1.2GHZ does not equate to 2.8 GHZ. It is still running at 1.2, but it has 2 cores to process the data. This does not double the speed. The S2 does; however, have double the RAM. S2 is definitely a clear winner.

      4) OS is also a matter of preference. I do not care much for iOS, but there are those who do not care for Android (Draw).

      5) Megapixels aren’t everything, but they are something. The S2 gets this one.

      6) Flash is here right now on many websites. Apple tells you what you can or cannot do in this case. Google gives you the option. Big win for the S2 because I get to decide for myself.

      7) You are wrong here. This is where the iPhone loses to the S2. MicroSD slot? Native HDMI? NFC (iPhone 5 won’t have this)? You can accept credit cards on any Android. The SLR lens thing? Completely pointless. The iPhone’s camera is not a single lens reflector type. All you get is zoom and weight. If you want an SLR, get an SLR. This is the worst excuse for a peripheral I have ever seen.

      8) This depends… iPhone 4 vs Galaxy S2, no way. 1 year old Apple vs 1 year old Samsung, i will agree. I will give this to the iPhone so it doesn’t feel too left out.

      9) (I added one) NETWORK!!!! Even the iPhone 5 is rumored to be 3G only. The S2 is almost guaranteed to be 4G. That means an absolute maximum of 3.1MBPS on the iPhone vs 100MBPS on the S2 (Likely more like 1.5 vs 20). That means the S2 will be able to load web pages up to 13 times faster than the iPhone. If the rumors are true, than means the iPhone 5 isn’t even released yet and it is only slightly less outdated than the iPhone 4, but still outdated.

      • EZ

        Just read this article and these comments and I cant help myself, I love a good debate ;)

        1) Design

        People say that this is 50/50, I disagree. The iPhone has a more compact design and is made of aluminum, not plastic. It’s sturdier and better looking that way. The one button at the bottom is intuitive and simple.

        2) Display

        WTF, how can you say that the Samsung’s screen is better? The iPhone has 10 more pixels per square inch than the Samsung. That’s mathematically similar to a 43″ SD Plasma TV vs a 35″ HD LED tv. In both cases, bigger isn’t better.

        3) Hardware

        The Samsung obviously wins in hardware. Kyrie already mentioned that it isn’t even a major gain, but it’s still a win for samsung in raw stats. But really, besides the slight speed boost in general, it doesn’t mean anything. The iPhone 4 still runs all its apps without a stutter, and with much superior battery life.

        4) OS

        The fact that the OS and Hardware sections are separate is testament to the idea that they are separate. On the iPhone, they aren’t. The iOS was tailored for the iPhone, allowing the iPhone to make BETTER USE of the hardware it does have, so that it needs less. The iPhone’s app store is more advanced than the android’s in size and quality, owing mainly to the fact that flash is disallowed on the iPhone, giving developers the incentive to build quality apps. Android users say, “We have flash! The internet is our AppStore!” Flash wasn’t made for phones. Period. I knnow, because I’m a web developer and I use Flash. I love it, but it is clearly designed for a mouse and keyboard, and it has significantly lower quality on a phone.

        5) Camera

        The Galaxy apparently has a better camera. I can’t wait to see for myself, because the iPhone’s “lower quality” pictures still impress me. Also, can the Galaxy natively take HDR images? I’m not sure, but I know the iPhone can. Anyway, I give that one to the Galaxy.

        6) Web Browsing

        I must say, I do like chrome over safari. They are both built on the lightning fast webkit, and they are both great browsers, I just prefer chrome. However, the iPhone, unlike the galaxy, meets the minimum web standard for size (800×600, soon to be 1024×768) with its 960×640 screen, unlike the 800×480 galaxy screen. The iPhone also has room in that display for the browser window, unlike the galaxy (despite its small chrome).

        7) Peripherals

        The iPhone has tons of custom-tailored peripherals. And with its build in drivers, it can connect to tons more devices (i.e. printers/cameras) without needing extra software. BTW, HDMI isn’t a peripheral, it’s a way to avoid the Galaxy’s crappy display. The iPhone doesn’t have 4 or 5 ugly ports on it. It has one port at the bottom, for EVERYTHING. You just buy the connection you need.

        8) Resale Value

        Apple wins. No one wants to buy an old chewed up plastic phone. An iPhone, on the other hand, is much more durable.

        9) Network

        Two points here. First, the nation just finished getting 3G to everyone (albeit spotty at best.) What makes you think the 4G will be anywhere near ready by the time the Samsung is outdated? Also, 100MB/s is theoretical. Like, my router can theoretically give me 300 MB/s. It gives me 20 and i’m happy, it’s still fast. On a phone, why would you need so fast a connection anyway? Viewing webpages and downloading apps isn’t very connection consuming. But I give the point to the Galaxy anyway.

        10) Support

        Apple support is the best in the industry. In the unlikely case that something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about calling Samsung for hardware questions and Google about software :)

        For a year old phone, i’d say the iPhone is still a champ.

      • hi, in appreciation your reply so this is my answer to the things that you’ve brought up~

        firstly, let me state the foundation of my argument… that i’m always in support of technology, but i still feel that as an end user, i’m more interested in practicality~ anything better but out of practicality is still good… just not that good~

        3) like i mentioned about hardware earlier, it doesn’t make it significantly faster (1-4 secs faster)~ i’m sorry but any computer illiterate can tell you that processors DO affect the performance of your comp to a certain degree~ of course other factors like RAM do affect as well~ in fact, ppl who are abit more tech savvy will even do the math for you that there is actually a cap as to how much RAM your comp can take before it becomes unaddressable (meaning that extra RAM sits there and collects dust)~ but like what i say, hardware is overrated to quite a degree in today’s society~ if you’re a consumer like me, most prob we only care whether it’s practical to cough that extra dough up for a slight increase in performance~ but if it’s lesser dough but better performance, why not?

        5) sorry but you need to know that more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean your pictures will definitely be better~ most professionals who do photography tend to use a lower MP cam (assuming digital) because it provides better quality of pixels~ do read up on the myth of megapixels ( if you can and you’ll see that it’s not just a single professional who said it~ the article also talks about practicality in megapixels, where due to human limitations, we can only see so much detail~

        6) yet again i have to apologize because this is obviously a biased view from you~ but recently this article ( has been updated to even show you that Adobe themselves are moving away from flash~

        7) perhaps you need to do your homework, iphone can simply attach peripherals to use credit cards~ you can put down every single peripheral saying that in the end the phone is meant to be a phone~ that i don’t deny~ but unfortunately, you can’t deny that with an iphone, the possibilities in peripherals are almost unlimited~ with a Galaxy S2… huh? what peripheral?

        8) i don’t think the iphone needs your sympathy because i’ve sold 2nd hand Apple products of all ranges and let me tell you, 2 mths ago there was a request for a power book even~ when it comes to Apple products, it doesn’t just have a 1 cycle life span~ even when iphone 5 is coming out, i can definitely sell an iphone 4 (just today i spoke to someone who didn’t mind getting one)~ how about a Galaxy S2 (not even S1)? not impossible… but then not easy either i’m sure~

        9) hmm perhaps you ought to watch this video ( at around 3:40+ he starts a comparison test in terms of browser speed~ IT IS FASTER, don’t get me wrong~ but back to my point on practicality, you’ll notice that it’s like less than 1 sec faster~ so much extra hardware for insignificant performance~ i mean who cares if my page takes 1 sec slower to load?

        10 & final) this is coming from an engineering friend who was working in a firm that was initially contracted by Apple to manufacture the mobile phone segment of the iPhone 5: the iPhone is one of the worst mobile phones in the market~ but because the phone function is not the one and only feature that consumers want and they packaged it with their famous app store + more, it becomes a more attractive phone to consumers compared to other phones~

        anyways, i believe that from these 3 posts, users can get a better understand whether or not the iphone 4 or galaxy s2 is their cup of tea~ neither is perfect in every way~ but the importance of each feature or lack thereof is dependent on which of them is a must-have for you… since it differs depending on each individual~ thanks all for reading but i don’t really have time to review all my comments like this anymore~ :D

        for more apple news (or further discussions on this topic), feel free to drop by ~

        • kv60

          HEY!! I am neither an Apple fan nor a worshiper of Samsung yet I wish to say just three things and that are neutral, absolutely!
          1. Apple set the benchmark for touch screen and that is the way to go today, forget about mobiles but even for pads and laptops. None can beat just appropriate touch sensitivity of Apple.
          2. All said and done, if one provide all the features and gizmos in a Toyota or a Suzuki that are present in a Mercedes or a BMW – can it be still compared with the latter? Merc is Merc – its a brand that has power and NOT Toyota.
          3. Last but not the least, IOS is so intuitive that one even does not need an hours training to use the phone to its full. Android after several versions is still something that needs an expertise to handle and changes so frequently that the very next day you fell that your OS is dam outdated!
          I use both Android and IOS and the last point is my personal experience.

  • cr0wnest

    You know, a lot of people here are missing the point completely. Apple fanboys raging because a new phone is being compared to one that is already a year old. Has it ever occurred to any of you apple heads that the reason why the S2 is outselling iphone 4 and many other phones out there is because people who are looking to buy a new smartphone see no point in buying the iphone 4 which will be outdated by year end? Not like they have a choice right?

  • I too think that Galaxy S2 is better than iphone 4, I can’t wait till iphone 5 is release, wanna know what Apple is doing in order to challenge Samsung.

    If you guys think comparing a phone released a year ago is not fair, then give a phone which is released this year. Can you? :P

    • Jean

      OH WOW. Apple only sells name.

  • Apple Fanboys Killer

    I see “apple fanboys” people!

    • Fan of a “fan”tastic product, not fan of any company!

  • Jean

    Iphone 5? Why so many? Samsung Galaxy is only 2.
    LOLLLL… def Samsung Galaxy S 2.

  • AaronoTG

    Its still comparing apples and oranges.
    However I do agree, I like the look and feel of the SII, and currently, I agree, it is probably the best phone out at this time.

    On the otherhand, the 1 and a bit year old iPhone is STILL the benchmark for all smartphones, so thats pretty much saying how good the iphone is. I mean, I’d like to see in over a years time people comparing the latest phones to the SII, its just not happening.

    As far as design goes, aesthetically, the iPhone wins. Aluminium and glass will always LOOK better than plastic and glass.
    However I really like the way the SII sits in my hand, it feels so much lighter, and it is a lot skinnier too. It makes the iPhone feel small and chubby.

    One other topic that I think should be discussed is USABILITY.
    I read that an estimated 90% of housholds considered to be ‘first-world’ have at least one iDevice (iPods, iPhones, etc).
    They are really easy to use, as well as having global support to peripherals.
    For example, tons of speakers and handsfrees support the 30-pin connector. iPhones are globally supported.
    iTunes is also I think the best music library application, it just makes synchronizing music, photos, movies, contacts and pretty much everything so easy to do.

    However, one thing what is horribly lacking for the iphone is bluetooth compatibility. Its the most basic utility in a phone and the iPhone still lacks it.

    My conclusion, if I had the choice, I’d choose the Galaxy SII. Its the next big thing, and deserves a lot more credit than it receives right now.
    But I think we should be waiting for the IP5 to come out before we can decide which is better.
    Thanks for reading (:

  • Marcopain

    One thing was forgotten… The sharing file aspect. Apple is the only one that won’t let you share music with ppl, from iphone to iphone, from iphone to another brand, from iphone to ANY computer, nothing!! I think this is a really restrictive aspect that completely turns me off about apple… I know that the comparison is larger then that but I thought it was something very important to consider especially if your big on music like me..
    I own a s2 and many of my friends have an iphone 4 and multi tasking is so fluid and easy compared to them it’s not even funny….

    This message was sent from my Samsung Galaxy S 2 ! : p

  • kitty

    apple fanboys? well in that case, i hav to say that this rubbish article was CLEARLY written by a samy fanboy then!

    “not-as-huge library of apps and games (200,000)… Just my preference.”

    there’s no other way to put this, but android market apps SUCK.
    Where’s my NFS Hot Pursuit?
    Where’s my High Noon?
    Where’s my Asphalt 6 with up to 6 wifi multiplayer?

    ever wonder why Android games are PORTS of iOS games?

    what’s the use of having a powerful phone that has no Apps, or useless unregulated quality Apps? geez. iPhone 4 still wins… hands down. open your fanboy eyes!

  • indianninja

    galaxy s2 is slightly better or equal than iphone4 in most aspect like performance,web,camera,storage,
    s2 costs less.
    clear winner:s2

  • Gary

    I personally found this article very useful, i think some of the comments left are a little unfair. True comparing this phone to an Iphone 4, which is a year old now, could be adverse. However, the iphone 5 has not yet been released, when it is, the same arguement could apply the other way round.

    Technology moves on so fast that a person can only comment and compare what is on the market now and not in the future. Sure we could all wait for the next phone, which is obviously going to be better, but at what stage does someone jump on the band wagon and buy?

    I found the article useful as i am looking for a phone now, not next month/year and i thought the review was fair under the circumstances as they are TODAY.

  • Rustem

    Oh god, do you really think reviews as biased as that will help the potential buyer make the choice that’s best for THEM? If anything, you’ve confused them.

    • wannn

      As of now, I will buy the Samsung Galaxy II. I would love to buy IP4, but the price is almost the same as SG2 yet the spec is lesser. Its bang for buck for me.

      • mohammed ashraf

        Hi friends, iam still using my E 72 & i like it but now that i like to by new phone i was realy making my pocket ready to by a i phone. But iam confuse now with S2 but no body realy right some thing about touch operation in both battery life music effect. For using FB i dont reqired more speed but i want good application & games in my mobil design i realy like of i phone but beffore today newer thot of S2. If i by i will by it in next to days but i need help of tham who realy use both the phone.