Samsung Galaxy Note II Multi-tasking Capabilities Shown Off On Video

The Galaxy Note II was unveiled by Samsung at IFA on August 29th, and is hitting the retail stores of several countries as you read this post. If you thought that Samsung added a lot of new software tweaks to TouchWIZ, wait until you get your hands on the Galaxy Note II.

Samsung released the first teaser video of the Korean Galaxy Note II giving users an in-depth look into all the software features that the company has added to the handset. Samsung added the ability to multi-task with two different apps on the screen at the same time with the Galaxy Note 10.1. However, the implementation was broken and buggy and worked only with the pre-installed apps.

From the Galaxy Note II video, it looks like Samsung might have finally perfected it.

Even though this dual-window multi-tasking will only work for all the pre-loaded apps from Samsung, it is impressive and definitely makes use of the Note II’s big 5.5-inch screen. If you are a multi-tasking whore, the Galaxy Note II is for you.

Even though Samsung was heavily criticized for launching the original Galaxy Note, the device went on to sell in excess of 10 million units. With the Galaxy Note II, Samsung may just easily double that figure thanks to the device impressive multi-tasking capabilities that may appeal to a lot of users out there.

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