Samsung Galaxy Nexus Wins The Best Imaging Mobile Device Award

TIPA, also known as Technical Image Press Association, which is an association of magazine publishers that write about photography and imaging, recently held its annual award in Cape Town and the results are umm shocking.

TIPA awarded the Best Imaging Mobile device to the Galaxy Nexus. Yes!..the Galaxy Nexus which has a above average 5MP camera that totally struggles in low-light condition. I personally own a Galaxy Nexus and I really don’t think that the 5MP camera in the GNexus is capable of winning any award for its imaging power. Samsung’s own Galaxy S2, and Apple’s almighty iPhone 4S absolutely trump the Galaxy Nexus in terms of camera performance. Not really sure what the judging panel were thinking when they awarded the Galaxy Nexus this award.

The Best Imaging Innovation was rightfully awarded tot he Nokia Pure View 808 for its pixel oversampling technology, lossless digital zoom and more. However, the Nokia Pure View 808 is still not yet on sale so technically it cannot win the Best Imaging Innovation award since the award is only given to phones that are already available in the market.

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