Samsung Takes Care to Avoid Infringing on Apple’s Patents While Designing Galaxy Nexus

Samsung just announced the new Galaxy Nexus, the new Android flagship smartphone. It is an excellent device, and in my opinion, much better than the iPhone 4S. (Check out this comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Apple iPhone 4S).

If you have been keeping track of the patent wars, like I have, you would have wondered at least once if Apple would slap a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung accusing it of copying the iPhone in the case of the Galaxy Nexus as well.

Well, apparently, Samsung has considered it too. Samsung Mobile’s president, Shin Jong-Kyun, revealed that they had designed the Galaxy Nexus to bypass potential legal attacks from Apple.

“Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously. Patents are very complicated and can be difficult to identify, but Samsung tried to ensure that no known patent by Apple is included in the new Android smartphone,” Shin told reporters at the Galaxy Nexus launch, according to a report by Yonhap News.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Apple has won temporary bans on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in multiple countries, including Germany and Australia, which will harm Samsung’s tablet sales.

Samsung has tried to win injunctions against Apple’s products in many countries too, but it hasn’t had any luck yet. Samsung is the largest Android manufacturer, and is targeted by all of Google’s competitors. It also had to sign a licensing agreement with Microsoft recently, promising it a cut on the sale of each Android device.

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