Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3 Gingerbread Firmware Leaks

Samsung is quite popular for poor software support of their Android smartphones. The company only committed to releasing the Android OS updates for the Galaxy S handsets, and never mentioned anything about other Galaxy branded handsets.

The company did release the Android 2.2 FroYo update for the Galaxy 3, but has kept mum on the Galaxy S L and the Galaxy Ace Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.


However, it looks like the Galaxy Ace will get the Gingerbread love from Samsung. The folks over at SamFirmware have managed to get their hands on a leaked Gingerbread firmware for the Ace.

Users who flashed this firmware on their handset did report some performance and stability issues. The leaked ROM has quite a few bugs as well. Other than this, the ROM features some updated items and the new goodies brought about by the Android OS update.

This leak does confirm that the Galaxy Ace will get the Gingerbread update from Samsung. Hopefully, Sammy will also release the Android 2.3 Gingerbread RM for the Galaxy S L. Nevertheless, it’s still nice to see Samsung releasing Android OS updates for a mid-range phone.

Interested Galaxy Ace owners can head over to and download the leaked Gingerbread firmware for their handset.

8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3 Gingerbread Firmware Leaks”

  1. hiiii i jst wanna noe dat i hav galaxy ace android 2.2.1
    so can u plllzzz temme if deres any update foe it
    n also plllz do sendme a link through which i can upgrade it to 2.3

  2. hi there.. My name is Freddy, from Indonesia..

    thx before, for the info..
    but i just wanna ask, how to upgrade the ace to the gingerbread version? please just the tell me the detail of doing this thing.. I really appreciate it

    thank you :)

  3. Hi Rajesh,

    Please can you let me know when I will be able to get gingerbread in India over Samsung KIES for my Samsung Galaxy Ace.Also I want to know if there is any way I can transfer programs to SD Card without breaking the warranty and rooting the phone.My phone is only 1 month old.

  4. I have Froyo on my galaxy Ace. The procedure is mentioned through KIES somewhere,and some other sites mention to do it through standard extraction,use OSDN and put the phone in download mode. Its really not clear how to go about it.
    Also,I’d like to know if someone has installed 2.3 on their galaxy ace through samfirmware. Is it working good?

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