Samsung Fascinate To Get A Software Update

Verizon is soon going to release a software update for the Samsung Fascinate. However, this software update won’t bring Android 2.2 with it to the device. Samsung Fascinate Update Instead, this update will enhance some features, fix bugs and improve the performance of the Fascinate. The software update will be an OTA(Over-The-Air) one with the version number being i500.DI01.

The change-log of the update is as follows :

* Instant notification of Visual Voice Mail messages on your messaging bar.

* Improved syncing between your phone and email accounts.

* Prompt notification when switching to Airplane mode.

* Faster switching to 3G services from 1x.

* Easily search your phone during calls.

* Improved Enterprise Exchange password alerts.

* No Service audio alert removed.

For more information about the update, click here. The update is expected to be rolled out within a few days from today.

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