Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Leaks

It was only in the first 3 months of 2011, that the different variants of the Galaxy S in the U.S got the Android 2.2 Froyo update. Galaxy S owners in Europe got a taste of Froyo way back in October, and tasted Gingerbread recently!

Up until now it was unclear whether Samsung will update the Galaxy S series of handsets in the U.S. to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, because of the huge Froyo update controversy.

Now, it looks like Samsung indeed intends to release the Gingerbread update for the at least one Galaxy S branded handset the Sprint’s Epic 4G.


The folks over at ACS forums are reporting that an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Epic 4G has leaked on the Internet. The ROM has already been rooted and de-odexed and is available for Epic 4G owners to download and test. Notable features of the ROM include working Netflix app, working FM radio, and Google Talk with video works as well!

I hope Samsung will sort out the bugs and issues and release the official Gingerbread update for the Epic 4G soon. Hopefully, other Galaxy S branded handsets in the U.S. will also get the Gingerbread update.

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Rajesh Pandey

Rajesh is a 19 year old nerd, currently pursuing B.Com Hons from Bhawanipore college in Kolkata, India. He loves everything tech, especially Android. You can follow him on twitter @ePandu or mail to him at [email protected]

  • Diane

    Nice article. Any updates on when the Sprint Epic 4G will get 2.3? Is it worth waiting for?

    • Diane

      ps- if I get the 2.2 now, will I be able to upgrade to 2.3?

      • Tom

        If you have an Epic 4G you should have 2.2 already installed. It either came from the factory that way or was upgraded by an over-the-air (OTA) Sprint update. Mine was updated OTA by Sprint at no additional cost and without a hitch once Sprint finally released it. 2.3 should update that way as well. If you ever have a problem with the phone you can always go to a Sprint store to get help.

        • Rahul Dixit

          There are few people who are using this handset in India on Reliance and other CDMA network…will sprint update will help to Indian who are using this device here..

        • MJK

          you must be a Sprint employee. My Epic was a good phone until the 2.2 upgrade. I spent hours just getting it back to functional, after it wiped out my email and calendar. Sprint tech support was nice but totally useless. Neither they nor Samsung can support this phone. It continues to lock up and pull other tricks that are completely annoying. I went to a Sprint store, and they sent me to a repair depot to have it set back to 2.1, but the repair people said that was not possible. I have wasted many hours on what was supposed to be the best Android phone at the time I bought it. Don’t touch this thing.

          • Richard

            I also have the EPIC and I have never had a better phone – I can’t imagine what caused the problems yuo had – I did have some issues when the 2.2 upgrade happened, but not nearly as overwhelming as yours apparently was – I have been very happey with 2.2 and can’t wait for Gingerbread to be released – The EPIC 4g is without a doubt one of the best phones on the market.

          • Tom

            @ MJK: “you must be a Sprint employee.” – No, I don’t work for any phone company or related one.

            I know your frustration. I had a Phillips mp3 player that died @ one day out of warrantee. They would not honor their warrantee or even offer to fix it for a modes cost. I was out $100 just like that.

            My reaction is that if it locks up constantly it is defective and not likely a software issue at all. If it is still under warrantee I would get it replaced. Best of luck.

          • william
  • ashique

    Hey get working ROM from Here, I found it on searching many days.

    Be happy