Samsung Launches ChatON Messenger on iOS App Store

Samsung, which has been competing with Apple in the smartphone and tablet market, is now challenging Apple on its own turf. It has launched the Samsung ChatON instant messaging service on the iOS App Store, making it available to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

It offers features like IM, group chat, image sharing, video sharing, location sharing and other stuff.

Samsung had initially launched ChatON on its own Android and Bada phones in August, but then made it available on the Android Market in October. It is quite popular and has racked up over half a million downloads there. It is now present on the two most popular mobile platforms, and unlike iMessage or BBM, it’s a multi-platform messenger app.

It also works with feature phones. Samsung has announced that it will be launching ChatON on Windows Phone and Blackberry soon. It will compete mainly with WhatsApp, the most popular multi-platform IM app and Kik.

Download Samsung ChatON on iTunes: Samsung ChatON

You can check out more details about Samsung ChatON here: Samsung Unveils The ChatON Messenger

Samsung ChatON iOS

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