Samsung BADA – an overview

Samsung has most definitely emerged as a big Smartphone player. Since it has already scheduled three handsets with it’s brand new BADA platform, here’s a quick view to what it really means.

Samsung Bada
BADA is the new WAVE system platform for mobiles developed by Samsung. According to Samsung this platform will replace previous phones to high end smartphones.This BADA platform will revolutionize Samsungs cellphone market by filling it with high end and affordable smartphones.

Samsung first announced about BADA platform on 10th November 2009, releasing its first phone WAVE GT S8500 on 1st June 2010 making a sensation. The WAVE is a light & slim touchscreen phone powered by Samsung’s "hummingbird" CPU (S5PC110),which includes 1Ghz ARM cortex-8 CPU and a powerful in-built POWERVR SGX 3D graphics engine,"super AMOLED" Screen and has 720 pixel HD video capability.

BADA is a platform designed with unique features; its a platform with kernel configurable architecture which allows the use of either of the Linux kernel for high-end smartphones or the real-time operating system kernel for affordable smartphones due to its smaller memory footprint. On top of the kernel BADA platform has layers such as device, service and framework respectively.

The device layer is mainly responsible to provide core function of the device such as graphics, protocols, telephony, security etc. Service layer provides more service oriented features such as SNS, map, application purchasing and so on.The topmost framework layer provides application programming interface in C++ language to developers. BADA provides different user interface controls to developers- it provides basic user interface controls sush as listbox, color picker, tab, etc.

Additionally it has web browser control based on the open source Webkit and also features Adobe flash supporting flash 9. It also offers interactive mapping with points of interest features. These features can be embedded inside the native application. BADA also supports various mechanisms to enhance interaction such as different sensors- motion sensing, vibration control, face detection, accelerometer, magnetometer, tilt and GPS which can be incorporated into many applications. it also supports multipoint-touch.

All in all this BADA platform is definitely going to have some mileage in the mobile market. With the various support mechanism to enhance interaction and user friendly interface control it has a long list of pros. The BADA platform as Samsung believes will revolutionize the mobile market with its exclusive range of BADA platform supported handsets and Samsung app stores for the BADA platform, which covers more then 80 countries and 100 carriers around the world.

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