How to Run Windows 3.1 on Android

Shawn McHenry is a tech professional with a love for Android. He has recently made an update on his Android blog claiming that he was able to run Windows 3.1 on Android via aDosBox, a dosbox app for Android.

We have seen Windows Vista running on iPhone and Windows 3.1 on Android OS will bring back the feeling of 1992 with a new look. Although, Shawn McHenry has claimed that this hack, however cool it may be ultimately seems useless, I am sure every droid owner will try this out.

On this feat, Shawn McHenry writes on his blog saying,

I saw a lot of videos about Windows 95, NT, 3.1, etc on a Nokia. So I thought, I want to try and put it on Android. It appears its never been done before. So I gave it a shot, and heres how I did it.

Though, this is of particular interest for Windows Phone lovers who have been interested in what goes on behind the Windows Phone 7, which already looks like a heavily stripped down Windows.

This may not be all as Shawn McHenry has also promised to run Windows 95 on aDosBox now. So keep an eye on his blog and twitter account. Read the follow up post at his blog here.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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