Rumored T-Mobile myTouch HD Specifications Leak

The T-Mobile G2 is an impressive device with HSPA+ support. However, if you were thinking of buying the G2, check out its elder brother the myTouch HD. The phone has not been officially confirmed by T-Mobile or HTC so readers are supposed to take this news with a grain of salt. T-Mobile myTouch HD The myTouch HD is rumored to feature a dual processorrunning at 1GHz. In my opinion, this has to be a mistake and the myTouch HD will feature a single core processor running at 1GHz. The screen size of the phone is around 3.8-inch and will use S-LCD in all probability.

The leaked document also states that the device features a screen share featurewhich either means that the phone will sport TV-Out feature and/or a mini-HDMI out port. This might also mean that the phone features DLNA. The phone will also be running Android 2.2.   The back of the phone features the usual run-of-the-mill 5MP camera with auto-focus and Flash.   The handset will also feature Swpye and 4GB of internal memory.

Hopefully, T-Mobile should announce the myTouch HD within the few upcoming weeks so that it may hit the retail stores by the time holiday season arrives.


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